From purchasing to development, we
maximize quality whilst minimising cost!

From purchasing office to development partner

Based in Singapore, Windel Textile Far East PTE LTD was established in 1995 as the subsidiary of a German textile finishing company, thus becoming the business successor to the company’s purchasing office that had existed in Singapore since 1982.

W.T.F.E Deutschland GmbH , based in Bielefeld, has acted as the holding company since 2001. This was taken over in a management buy-out by Jens Hermsmeier in 2003.

Following the takeover, W.T.F.E was reorganised:
Today, the sales and marketing departments are managed from the offices in Bielefeld and Singapore. The company’s clients, who are based all over the world, are thus provided with a prompt, optimised service. With the help of our logistics partners, W.T.F.E delivers your orders to you at the right time FOB, CIF port of entry or even ‘carriage paid’ in Europe!

Purchasing, development and quality control are based in the Zhangjiagang office in China. All production is done in China exclusively at selected, trusted partner businesses, with whom the company has worked together for many years.

Today, thanks to our professional, well-trained team, our customers and suppliers value us as a partner that helps their businesses to grow.

If you need help resolving any problems, we would be glad to assist.

W.T.F.E Deutschland GmbH
Otto-Hahn-Str. 2, 33758
Schloss Holte - Stukenbrock, Deutschland

(+49) 5207 99 37 1-0

W.T.F.E Private Limited
25 International Business Park,
Unit 04-64 German Centre,

(+65) 65 62 87 02

W.T. Zhangjiagang Company Limited
Unit 8601 Chenlong Building, Jingang Road, Zhangjiagang City,
PC.215600, Jiangsu Province, Peoples Republic of CHINA

(+86) 0512 58 27 23 38
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